Visit Thekkady in God's Own District

Kerala is known for its lush greenery. It has not achieved the title of “God’s own country” for no reason. The enchanting webs of backwaters, lagoons, and lakes define Kerala. In Kerala, Idukki has earned the title of “God’s own district”. Thekkady is located in Idukki. 

You can imagine never-ending rows of hills, huge expanses of plantation smelling of spices and groups of elephants when you think of Thekkady. The entire district of Idukki is filled with picturesque landscapes that are guaranteed to provide you ultimate serenity and peace of mind. 

Thekkady is also the best place for you to visit if you are fond of trekking and long mountain walks. You are sure to remember your Thekkady tour forever once you set off for it!

Places to Visit in Thekkady

There are innumerous places to visit in this beautiful land of greenery. Some of the places that are the most popular tourist destinations are listed below:

The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary: You must have heard of this place and someday or another you must have dreamt of visiting it. Needless to say, the dense jungles of Periyar are feasts to the eyes and the soul. The wildlife sanctuary is located very close to the plantations. 

This wildlife sanctuary forms one of the most fascinating and picturesque natural reserves in the world. In the year 1978, Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary was entitled to be a Tiger Reserve. Spanning across an area of 777 square kilometers, out of which 360 square kilometers is covered with rich and thick evergreen forest; this is the best place to be a guest in the abode of wildlife in God’s own district! 

The immense diversity of wildlife along with the mesmerizing scenic view, Periyar wildlife sanctuary attracts tourists from across the globe. The Mullaperiyar dam has formed an amazing looking artificial lake in Periyar that greatly adds to the beauty of the place. 

Periyar wildlife sanctuary boasts to be the only wildlife sanctuary in India where you can watch wildlife closely even after remaining safe on the boats. The biggest attraction of this wildlife sanctuary is watching the herds of elephants coming down to the lake in order to play and have fun.

      Kurisumala: If you love adventure and ready to go for trekking, then this is the destination for you. Go for mountain walking in this amazing area to witness the panoramic view of the famous Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. You can also see the Kumily town after your trekking has reached the finishing point!

      Kumily: This tourist destination is located at a distance of four kilometers from Thekkady. This is a plantation town, so needless to say how laden with greenery it is! This town is located on outskirts of the Periyar Wildlife sanctuary. 
      If you are a shopaholic, this is the place for you. You can shop from the wide range of authentic products from Kumily. This is also the best place for accommodation in Thekkady if you have a medium budget. The communication for all the nearby sightseeing locations is easy from here because of the bus stain. This is the main trade center of Idukki. 

      Murikkady: If you are a big foodie or if you are highly fanatic about cooking, this is the right place for you! The air of Murikkady smells of spices! Taste the authentic cuisine of Kerala and take home the experiences of walking through the coffee, pepper and cardamom plantations. You can literally inhale the flavours of Kerala in this particular town located at a distance of five kilometres from Thekkady.

          Pandikuzhi: This place is known for the exotic species of flora and fauna. Located 5 kilometres from Kumily, this is a famous picnic spot. If you are a photographer, this is surely going to be a paradise for you owing to its picturesque beauty.

      Mangala Devi Temple: This is an ancient temple and is guarded by dense woods. The temple is located at the top of an oak which is about 1337 kilometers above the sea level. The temple personifies the architecture of Kerala. 
      However, tourists are only allowed on the festive occasion of ChithraPournami. Once you reach the peak, you will be mesmerized with the panoramic view of some of the hilly villages of Tamil Nadu and the eastern slope of the Ghats.

          Chellarkovil: This is a little village with the enchanting beauty of the waterfalls and the plains. It gets slopped down the coconut groves in Cumbum of the neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu.
The tourist locations listed above are some of the most popular ones in Thekkady. There are innumerous other attractions in God’s own country waiting to get unfurled by you. So, wait no more and pack your bags and lose yourself in greenery!

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