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Weary and tired, yet craving a holiday to visit your favorite destination to the south of India? Well, do you know that you do not need “holidays” to travel? Well, you read that right. You can easily travel to South India with just ONE day in hand. Chennai is the place that we are talking about, and you can cover it in just 24 hours. Check your calendar and mark your date as we help you create the plan chart to make the best out of this opportunity.

What to expect from this trip?

With the Bay of Bengal lying close by, Chennai gives out such a positive and relaxed vibe. Book your flight tickets in advance to get the date that you wish to choose for this trip. Preferably, book an early flight to the city because this will only help you save the time and make this trip to Chennai memorable. As you come out of the airport, you will find our cab and chauffeur awaiting your arrival. Taking a sip of the filtered coffee from any of the joints, you boost up for an engaging day.

·       Morning

Relax a bit in the car as the car takes you to the Parthasarathi temple. Take a quick stroll of the place that has structures and carvings on its walls; it is regarded as one of the leading 108 sacred centers of Sri Vaishanava. After paying a visit to this serene hub, a 15-minute drive will lead you to the museum and national art gallery. This is a refreshing experience in a day tour of Chennai. With a varied collection of South Indian bronzes, the museum was established in 1857. The national art museum holds several beautiful paintings of the 16th-century Rajasthani art, 17th-century Decanis art, and 18th-century Mughal art.

·       Afternoon

A place of authentic south Indian food, head over to a restaurant and relish the delicacies at affordable prices. It is preferable to go to the local shops to get a feel of the taste of Chennai without extra garnishing. Murugan Idli shop is a great one to try out different types of Idlis and dosas.

After a hearty lunch, you can relax a bit at the Vasant Nagar beach and think of the remaining things to do in Chennai for the rest of the day. The wild and frolicking ocean comes jolting to the shore only to run back to the eternal blue. You can even choose Kovalam beach to take a stroll down the serene coast and enjoy the salty waters and the sandy breeze.

As the heat of the day reduces a bit in the late afternoons, visit the Madras crocodile bank trust that is undoubtedly a place worth exploring. It is a reptile zoo and home to several crocodiles and other reptiles basking in their natural habitat amidst the soothing greenery of nature.

·       Evening

As the evening sets in, take a walk through the colorful sprawling arena of Ranganathan Street with an exquisite collection of clothes and jewelry and so much more. Expect to get spoilt for choices, but never out of them.  All of these are available at low prices amidst lanes and bylanes. The entire place gets thronged with the locals of the area. Happy crowds of people bargaining and striking deals will get you in the mood in no time.
Finally, after walking down the buzzing streets and a satisfying shopping, attend a Carnatic music concert around, the Music Academy, which is the best place to go on a tour of Chennai. If you are more inclined towards watching a traditional dance performance, Kalakshetra is your alternative.

·       Night

End the day on a good and happy note.  Hog on some excellent vegetarian cuisine in the Forum Vijaya mall. It is fully air-conditioned and has so many restaurants under one roof. The mean chilly paneer sizzler is to die for from the Crème Center in the mall. There are other stalls in the food court as well with comparatively lower prices and excellent quality.

It will be a long day, but one that is full of events and activities, varying from one another. This same day Chennai tour will remain an all-time favorite.

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